Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler: Do People Believe Time Traveler Caught On Film Theory? (Video)

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Do you believe the Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler theory?

By now, I’m sure that you know about the whole Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler video. Basically, a video from a 1920s Charlie Chaplin movie shows what some people are deeming “A Time Traveler Caught On Film.” There is a man who walks into the frame who looks like he is talking on a cell phone.

Really? A Time Traveler? Isn’t that stuff usually reserved for science fiction movies?

Not in this case. If you missed it, you can watch the video clip below of the now famous Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler.

There are many theories on what this clip from “The Circus” could be other than a time traveler talking on a cell phone, from early hearing aids, to some sort of ice pack to soothe a tooth ache. But the craziest part is that some people seem to be buying into the time travel theory.

What do you think? Do you think that a time traveler was actually caught on film? How will you explain this video to your kids if they ask about it?

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