Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Video: Chaplin Cell Phone Time Traveler a Hoax?

charlie chaplin time traveler youtube video cell phone woman
Charlie Chaplin time traveler video

The Charlie Chaplin time traveler video has been such a fun diversion… the Charlie Chaplin time traveler footage has been slowed down and zoomed in on in a YouTube video clip, showing a woman captured in the 1920s footage with what appears to be a cell phone! Truth or hoax?

Are you a believer in the Charlie Chaplin time traveler theory? While theories about the 1928 cell phone woman in the premiere footage for “The Circus” are abundant, I don’t think a lot of folks are buying into the idea of time travel.

I love all the comments about the Charlie Chaplin time traveler, with those non-believers citing that she couldn’t make a call without a cell tower back in that time!

Most are commenting that the “cell phone” the woman is talking into could actually be a hearing aid of the time. Of course, one has to wonder who she’s talking to?

Others are saying she’s probably just an old lady mumbling to herself. And one comment said that perhaps she’s holding something to a toothache and muttering because it hurts.

Watch the Charlie Chaplin time traveler YouTube video and let me know what your theory is about the cell phone woman!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my hot tub time machine.

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