Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler: Why Wasn't This Noticed Earlier? Three Theories!

charlie chaplin time traveler youtube video cell phone woman
Charlie Chaplin time traveler video

The Charlie Chaplin time traveler has been making waves since yesterday, when an Irish filmmaker found footage of a woman who looked like she was using a cell phone inat the premiere of the film “The Circus” problem being it’s from 1928, when a cell phone, besides being impossible, would have probably weighed 6 tons and been 8 feet high (based on extrapolation from the early 1980s versions).

Why hasn’t this come to light sooner? Here are three theories:

1. We are not willing to believe in time travel, so no one thought it could be true. We tend to ignore what we cannot explain in this society just look at Carrot Top.

2. The woman only recently traveled back in time, so no one could have seen it before she really did alter the space-time continuum! The creators of “Lost” would be so proud.

3. Charlie Chaplin, the father of 11 children by multiple mommas, was way too busy with raising his kids to notice that one of the premiere attendees extras on the set had smuggled in a futuristic device, and thus no one had been told about it. C’mon, they probably didn’t have nannies back then.

What do you think why didn’t anyone notice sooner?


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