Charlie Sheen Auto Tuned "Winning" Video: Gregory Brothers Charlie Sheen Remix

charlie sheen autotuned mashup video gregory brothers
Charlie Sheen's auto tune quotes mashup video

As far as Charlie Sheen autotuned remix videos go, this Gregory Brothers mashup is “winning.”

Watch the Charlie Sheen autotuned “Winning” video, mashing up the best Charlie Sheen quotes from interviews, including Charlie rating a variety of items as either “winning” or not so much.

Kind of loving “Tinky Winky’s purse… Duh? Winning!”

For more Charlie Sheen auto tune quote-y goodness, check out the Parody Factory’s “Bi-winning” video below. Another great mashup of Charlie Sheen’s hits, for sure, but I for one am hoping we can put an end to Charlie Sheen’s manic quote machine already.