Charlie Sheen "Being Difficult" For 'Major League' Sequel


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Charlie Sheen Being "Difficult" For 'Major League' Sequel.

Charlie Sheen may be begging for offers after his recent tirades against Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and the recent cancellation of the long-running series. So why would be “difficult” towards those interested in getting him signed on for a Major League sequel?

“He’s a talented person,” Major League producer James Robinson tells E! News. “What a waste. What a shame. I don’t know where he’s going right now. I don’t know where he’s going to end up.”

Robinson, who has been working on Major League 3 for the past year and a half, isn’t exactly optimistic that this film will come into fruition.

“He’s very important to the movie,” says Robinson. “I can’t tell you for sure [if we’ll cancel it], but I can only say that his character, and him playing that character, is very prominent. So that could be a possibility.”

He continues, “I’m an optimist. He’s being a little difficult right now, and I understand that. I’m sure he’s got his demons torturing him. I sincerely hope there’s a way he can come out of this dark tunnel. But it appears that, so far, he’s either not following whatever treatment should be administered or it’s not working. I frankly don’t know which it is.”

How do you feel about Charlie Sheen being difficult?