Mark Cuban Giving Charlie Sheen His Own Cable Show?


charlie sheenCharlie Sheen may get his own show on television, thanks to Mark Cuban.  The billionaire told ESPN that he has been in talks with Sheen about developing a show on HDNet?  Seriously?

HDNet is a small cable network, a step down from CBS but it would be a step UP from the USStream webcast that Charlie Sheen did on Saturday night.

Sheen’s Corner, the Internet live stream show has received very negative reviews but Mark Cuban told ESPN he saw potential in Sheen’s webcast.

“Everybody wants to critique a web show that got put together in a few hours,” he told ESPN. “That’s not the point. It gave him a chance to be himself and have some fun. The thing I like most about Charlie is that he just loves to mess with the media. You guys fall hook, line and sinker.”

Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks, is known for creating controversy.  The
billionaire is already testing the waters of a possible business relationship with Charlie Sheen, using one of Charlie’s infamous quotes for a new commercial for the NBA team:

“I got Tiger Blood,” says Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki in the ad. “Every day is just filled with wins.”

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