Charlie Sheen 'Dateline NBC' Interview, Home Movies


Charlie Sheen’s media tsunami continues on Dateline NBC tonight.  Sheen showed never-before-seen home video from the talkative actor.   Dateline NBC goes behind closed doors at Sheen’s estate to get an exclusive look at his home life and his “goddesses.”

The Dateline NBC show aired tonight with Jeff Rosen reporting on the bizarre media circus of Charlie Sheen and his two porn star live-in girlfriends. Viewers got to see a peek behind the curtain of Sheen, including new footage of the “goddesses’ night-time rituals and home video of Sheen’s Los Angeles home.

Tonight’s Dateline will feature Charlie discussing his current family situation and his reactions to the recent media frenzy surrounding his lifestyle and the halted production of Two and a Half Men.

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