Charlie Sheen: Family Man? Really?


Is Charlie Sheen really the family man that CBS is making him out to be?  Sheen has been the man front and center for the hit series Two and a Half Men for the past nine years.  But, when the cameras aren’t rolling his life portrays the complete opposite.

Months before Sheen was arrested for domestic violence charges on Christmas Day, he allegedly committed the same type of behavior.  On December 25, estranged wife Brooke Mueller told three different police officers that the couple got into a heated argument over allegations of infidelity.

Over the past two decades this “family man” has been involved with violence, drugs, and alcohol among other criminal violations.  So why is CBS so invested on making sure Sheen returns for a ninth season of the hit series? He doesn’t exemplify family values.  And he certainly does not come across as a fit role model for children who regularly watch his program.

CBS should make an executive decision to eliminate Sheen from his role on the show and continue without.  Does anyone else think ratings will decline this season?  Or will America simply overlook this immoral behavior?