Charlie Sheen Gives Up Custody of Sam and Lola


While the status of his marriage to Brooke Mueller-and by extension, his family life with sons Bob and Max-hangs in the balance, Charlie Sheen has given up custody of his daughters.

According to TMZ, Sheen signed paperwork relinquishing joint custody of the children he fathered with ex-wife Denise Richards, Sam Sheen, 6, and Lola Sheen, 4. Going forward, Richards will have sole legal custody of their two children, which empowers her not only to maintain physical custody of them, but also to make any medical, school-related, or financial decisions on their behalf.

So how did the Brooke Mueller situation affect all this? Well, apparently, Richards sought the termination of Sheen’s custody due to her concerns about his arrest last winter on domestic violence charges after he allegedly attacked Mueller with a knife. If you recall, Richards once had a restraining order filed against Sheen. In the declaration she signed in order to get the order, she stated that Sheen once threatened her life. Its not clear whether Richards will be taking the stand to testify in the criminal charges filed against Sheen for attacking Mueller when he goes to court this summer.

If there is any truth to all this, then it is about high time Sheen lost custody of his kids. Were he not a famous star, it probably would have happened a long time ago. The sad thing of course, is that Sam and Lola are at an age where they are going to notice that their father is suddenly out of the picture, and that will be an absence that will play out in their lives for years to come.

But whatever the effects of that absence are, it beats living under the threat of violence.


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