Charlie Sheen Goes on Drunken Rampage & Sent to the ER! What Happened?


Charlie Sheen did it again. We was caught yet again being a very bad bad boy. This dad of four was reportedly taken to the emergency room while in New York City at about two in the morning.  Someone had called 911 and reported Sheen for severe intoxication. The police said that Sheen was “intoxicated, irrational” and “emotionally disturbed.” Nice.  But that’s not all, he apparently flew into a rampage which led to the 911 call. What happened?

The New York Post reported that when hotel security rushed to his room Sheen was naked and very drunk. He had apparently thrown chairs around the room and had damaged the chandelier. It’s being said that he came back to his room with an “unidentified woman” (read =hooker) and that he “flew into a rage after noticing his wallet had gone missing.” And he had locked the “unidentified woman” in the closet. Classy.

One of the saddest parts of the story? He was in New York City to spend some quality time with his ex wife Denise Richards and their two daughters and they were in the hotel room right next door! They slept through all the chaos and Denise had the nanny watch the girls while she went to the hospital with Charlie.

Photo: PR Web

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