Charlie Sheen Has A Mouthful Of Gold


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Charlie Sheen Has a Mouthful Of Gold.

Charlie Sheen better keep his mouth shut or else the crew of Two And A Half Men are going to start turning his teeth in for a paycheck!

The 45-year-old actor is currently in rehab for various addictions which in turn has put the CBS series on hiatus causing many crew members to go without an income.

During a Thursday meet and greet with UCLA basketball players, Sheen sported a smile that illuminated all of his gold teeth.

Kacey Johnson, a 22-year-old porn star, who was present during Sheen’s 36 hour binge that landed him in rehab says she knows about his teeth.

“All of his teeth have fallen out from partying,” she told E! News on January 29.

“Most of his teeth were gold,” Johnson added. “He wouldn’t say why, but we all know it’s probably because they’ve fallen out from the drug use.”

There you have it, kids. Don’t do drugs unless you want a mouthful of gold teeth.

What do you think of Sheen’s teeth?