Charlie Sheen Headed To Rehab: What Does This Mean For His Kids?


Charlie Sheen is managing to avoid jail after his charges of misdemeanor assault (against ex Brooke Mueller), but he’s not exactly getting off scot-free. The actor pled guilty and has been ordered to spend 30 days in rehab. Plus, he will be on probation for three months, and must complete 36 hours of domestic violence counseling.

Sheen didn’t mess around in court, stating plainly “Guilty as charged your honor,” when asked to enter a plea. When he was asked why he was pleading that way, the actor simply said, “Because I’m guilty.”

Sheen supposedly is ready to get his life back on track, saying he wants to put all of this “behind” him, but we have our doubts. Sheen, who has five children, four of whom are still very young, has had so many legal problems in the past several years, we can’t even keep track anymore.

What kind of effect is all of this going to have on his kids? Does he even deserve to be a part of their lives at this point? What do you think?


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