Charlie Sheen Hospitalized: Dr. Drew Says Sheen Needs to Focus on Treatment (Video)

charlie sheen hospitalized drunk dr. drew today show video
Charlie Sheen hospitalize: Dr. Drew says he needs help

Charlie Sheen hospitalized after a drunken rampage… does Sheen need help or what?

In this Today show video clip, they discuss how Charlie Sheen was hospitalized after he went crazy and trashed his hotel room, was found drunk and naked in his room (with a naked prostitute), and later released.

Addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinksy weighs in on the latest Charlie Sheen incident, saying, “The sad reality is that if Charlie continues on the path he’s on, and continues to attempt to work as opposed to take time off and focus on treatment… he will likely die.”

Charlie Sheen, the highest paid actor on television (earning nearly $2 million an episode), is currently on probabation for the domestic violence incident with wife Brooke Mueller.

Charlie Sheen’s rep says Sheen was hospitalized for an allergic reaction to medication. That seems a bit far-fetched.

Sheen is already back in L.A. and getting back to work – shooting a movie on Friday and Two and a Half Men next week.

Do you think Charlie Sheen being hospitalized will be a wake up call to clean up for good?