Charlie Sheen Hospitalized: Latest Charlie Sheen News

charlie sheen hospitalized
Charlie Sheen Hospitalized: Sheen In Bad Shape

Charlie Sheen was hospitalized today after complaining of severe abdominal pains. The latest Charlie Sheen news is that he is in pretty bad shape.

Charlie Sheen is currently at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, and he is likely suffering from an ulceration, which was probably brought on by his rumored drug use before being rushed to the hospital.

A friend of Sheen’s says, “Charlie’s red blood cell count was low and his white blood cell count was high.” The source also added that Charlie Sheen was dehydrated upon entering the hospital.

Supposedly Charlie Sheen had engaged in non-stop partying for days before being hospitalized. If he was using cocaine, then it could definitely have caused an ulcer. Webmd says, “Cocaine constricts blood vessels supplying the gut. The resulting oxygen starvation can cause ulcer, or even perforation of the stomach or intestines.”

Charlie Sheen definitely needs help. Maybe being hospitalized will finally make him change his bad boy ways.

Photo: PRPhotos