Charlie Sheen Howard Stern: Listen to Charlie Sheen on Howard Stern (Video)

Charlie Sheen Howard Stern interview audio
Listen to Charlie Sheen Howard Stern interview

Listen to the Charlie Sheen Howard Stern interview in these audio clips (video).

Charlie Sheen sounds somewhat more sane than in past interviews, but that’s not saying a lot he’s still on board the crazy train, but Howard Stern keeps him somewhat on the track.

Or not… Howard Stern has plenty of questions for Charlie Sheen about his girlfriends (Sheen’s “goddesses,” Bree Olsen/Rachel Oberlin and “Natty” Natalie Kenley) and how their whole arrangement works.

Stern also asks Sheen about co-star Jon Cryer Sheen believes Cryer gives his full support. I’m not so sure about all that.

Listen to the full Charlie Sheen Howard Stern interview…. What do you think?