Charlie Sheen Insists 'Two And A Half Men' Is Coming Back

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Charlie Sheen Claims 'Two And A Half Men' Will Return.

I have to admit that I would be floored if the news that Two And A Half Men is returning actually comes into fruition.

Charlie Sheen called up Philadelphia’s Wired 96.5 radio station on Friday (Mar. 4) and made it clear that he is extremely optimistic about the show’s future.

Charlie told the radio hosts that “it feels like all parties” were close to coming to a deal and that, “Absolutely the gig’s coming back, I have absolute faith in that.”

But then again, see what other crazy stuff Charlie had to say: “My super powers are blowing it up completely … I think were winning this morning. This connection sucks … can I call you back?”

He continued, “What did you all do in that missing ten seconds without me? Did it feel like your lives had ended? I think I just figured out what AT&T stands for … always terrible talk … yeah, lawsuits a’ coming.”

So take this news very lightly until there is a definite confirmation. As much as I think it’d be hard to insure Sheen, their ratings would go through the roof if they bring him and the series back next fall.

Would you like to see Two And A Half Men return?