Charlie Sheen is on Twitter! See his First Tweet and Photo (PHOTO)

Charlie Sheen's first Tweet
Charlie Sheen's first tweet and pic on Twitter

Charlie Sheen is everywhere.  Howard Stern, The Today Show, TMZ – we can’t escape him.

Even on Twitter.

Yes, Charlie Sheen is now on Twitter.  He created a new account – @CharlieSheen which has already been verified.

How many followers does he have already?  Almost 300,000!  In just a day!

What does his bio say?  “Unemployed Winner….”

What was his first tweet?

“Winning..! Choose your Vice… #winning #chooseyourvice”  he writes (photo on the left).

What does this mean exactly?  She is holding a bottle marked ‘naked’ and he’s holding a chocolate milk jug.  Win win?

Who is in the photo?

Rachel Oberlin, his girlfriend “goddess”, or one of them, who is also a porn star and goes by the name Bree Olsen.

What do you make of all the Charlie Sheen madness???