Charlie Sheen Machete and Tiger Blood Drink Winning or Just Crazy? (Video)

tiger blood charlie sheen machete video
Charlie Sheen's tiger blood and machete antics

Charlie Sheen’s machete and tiger blood drink swilling rooftop antics seem like just another day in Sheen’s crazy existence. With every new Charlie Sheen webcast, interview and quote, it looks like Charlie Sheen is getting further from “winning,” doesn’t it?

After “Charlie Sheen fired” headlines made the rounds Monday, Charlie Sheen was spotted by paparazzi on a rooftop, with a goddess, a machete and a drink labeled “Tiger Blood.”

Read Charlie Sheen’s reaction to Warner Bros firing him from Two and a Half Men.

In this video clip, Sheen is seen waving the machete and is asked about being fired from Two and a Half Men. His reply? “Free at last, free at last!”

Oh Charlie, get some help already.