Charlie Sheen Negotiating Plea Deal in Assault Case


Charlie Sheen is reportedly in talks for a plea bargain regarding charges occurring during the now-infamous Christmas Day domestic violence incident with wife Brooke Mueller.  The plea would be a misdemeanor charge that could result in up to 45 days in jail. His rep says no deal has been reached.  What Sheen’s rep says and I why I say there should be no bargaining with this guy!

“Charlie has not agreed to do anything except enter into discussions with the court.”

“He has been accused of a crime. Prior to any trial, courts would like to work out a plea,” the rep added. “It saves the court money, it saves the community money. If they can do it, they will. If they can’t decide on something, they will go to trial.”

This guy has a long history of domestic abuse allegations against him, repeated substance problems, a documented liking for “working girls” and a seeming lack of taking responsibility for his actions. I say put him in front of a jury of his peers — don’t bargain with him!

It will be good for his kids to see actions have consequences. Finally.


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