Charlie Sheen on Dateline NBC: Watch the Home Videos (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen on Dateline NBC: Watch the home videos
Charlie Sheen on Dateline NBC: Watch the home videos

Charlie Sheen is winning.

Sheen’s media blitz continued Friday night on Dateline NBC and the actor is definitely winning the game.

Dateline showed never-before-seen home video footage of Sheen.  He allowed the crew to come inside his estate to get an exclusive look at his home life with his twin boys, and his two girlfriends.

Jeff Rossen reported, allowing viewers to catch a real glimpse of Sheen inside his home.  Sheen discussed his current family situation and his reactions to the recent media frenzy surrounding his lifestyle and the halted production of Two and a Half Men.

One home video showed Sheen and his entourage sitting around his dining room table, strategizing a marketing campaign surrounding his latest media craze.

They are capitalizing on the recent events, talking about merchandise including t-shirts, etc.

Since Sheen joined Twitter and gained a whopping million followers within a day, breaking records, he has quickly become his own media mogul.

And Sheen sees the potential for big bucks.

Already merchandise companies jumped at profiting from Sheen’s media madness, creating new products with Charlie Sheen on T-shirts, ecards, even coffee mugs.

So who is winning?  I think Sheen definitely is – for now.