Charlie Sheen on Piers Morgan: Media Helping Sheen Destroy Himself?


Charlie Sheen is on CNN’s Piers Morgan tonight, as the Charlie Sheen Nightmare PR Tour continues.  Is the media helping Charlie Sheen destroy himself?  Watching the actor on the Today show today, listening to Sheen give interview after interview, it’s clear Charlie is pretty far gone.  He needs help. His comments are bizarre soundbites, but we are watching a man destroy himself, in front of millions of people on national TV.

On NBC’s Today show, Charlie Sheen ranted against his employer, raved about addiction experts while claiming he has “tiger blood and Adonis DNA.”

More tidbits from the Today interview:

“I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending like I’m not bitching a total freaking rock star from Mars. And people can’t figure me out. They can’t process me. I don’t expect them to. You can’t process me with a normal brain.”

On Piers Morgan tonight, Charlie Sheen was not as manic as he was in earlier interviews. The actor told the CNN host:

“I feel more alive, I feel more focused, I feel more energetic. I’m on a quest to claim absolute victory on every front.”

Relatively speaking, in the Piers Morgan interview, Charlie Sheen was closer to normal than on the morning interview. But still pretty far from sane.