Charlie Sheen in Rehab Calls Critics 'Bunch of Turds', Not Happy About Rehab


Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen is in Rehab but he’s not happy about it. The actor called out his critics as a “bunch of turds” and the actor had many choice words for RadarOnline about his rehab stay.  As we reported earlier this morning, Sheen claims to be fine and made several other comments that indicate Charlie is in denial with a capital D!

The comments Charlie gave to RadarOnline call into question the idea that the actor “voluntarily entered” an undisclosed rehabilitation center.  The sad part is that if Sheen doesn’t think he needs help,  if he doesn’t think he has a problem, the stay in rehab won’t work. Charlie’s father Martin Sheen was the biggest force behind the Two and a Half Men star entering rehab.  According to RadarOnline, “Martin did it. He was at the hospital on Thursday and when he gets involved it’s serious. He wanted Charlie to go to rehab and told him so. And he didn’t stop there. Martin insisted.”

Celebrity website TMZ reported that Charlie Sheen made the decision to check in to rehab on his own but after Sheen’s comments to RadarOnline, it’s clear he had a little help.

It looks like Charlie got a push to get into rehab from his father who insisted Charlie get help to save his life.  Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards was probably one of the people who want him to clean up his act for the sake of their darling little girls.