Charlie Sheen Rehab at Home? Addiction Expert Weighs In


charlie sheen hospitalized abdominal pain

Charlie Sheen is doing rehab at home but is drug rehab at home a good idea? The Two and a Half Men star is bringing in professionals to come to his house so he can undergo treatment for drug addiction.

Home is the same place where Charlie Sheen threw cocaine parties, including the 36 hour bender which landed him in the hospital last week.  Sounds like a perfect spot for drug rehab, right?

Many people, including Sheen’s father Martin are saying that Charlie is in a state of denial about his addiction problem. Denial is part of the addiction cycle, according to addiction expert Dr. Jeffery Huttman of Challenges Addiction Treatment.

Dr. Huttman says “Denial and addiction go hand-in-hand. With people who have drug and alcohol addiction, the state of denial is like a slow slide downhill, it can grow to the point where they are capable of even basic self-care or handling daily life situations.”

According to Huttman, people struggling with addiction are often in denial about the problem but they are not lying.

“Strangely enough, denial is not always a conscious effort to lie,” says Huttman. “When a person is in a state of denial they often don’t know they are in it. This defense mechanism or belief can feel so real and intense that fact and fantasy are difficult to distinguish.”

Go to Challenges Addiction Treatment to read more about the connection between denial and addiction. What do you think of Charlie Sheen’s home rehab?