Charlie Sheen Scandal 3 Reasons Why Hell Totally Get Off


Charlie Sheen Rehab

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to trouble. He’s always been a partier but he has proved that it’s a stage that he either won’t or can’t grow out of. His newest shenanigans? Trashing a hotel room while totally wasted while cavorting with a hooker.  And this all happened while his daughters slept in the next room. Yup, he’s classy.  But will he see jail time or get into any serious trouble due to his newest very questionable actions. Doubtful.  Why will this very lucky TV and movie star get off?

1) He had just nine days left on his probation that was a result of the domestic violence charges filed against him. The conditions of his probation were “no use of alcohol in excess, or drugs, RX drugs only in prescribed doses; no violation of criminal laws or ordinances except traffic infractions.”  And although reports are stating that he was drunk when the police came to his hotel room, it might be seen as just a case of a loud hotel guest.

2) No charges have been filed. The police did not arrest Sheen. The hotel hasn’t lodged any complaints over him trashing the hotel room and disturbing the peace. And the hooker hasn’t filed any claims that he was violent towards her or kept her against his will. (He reportedly had locked her in the closet).

3) He has a legal and PR team that will do anything and everything to keep him out jail. He’s the star of an extremely popular TV where he makes millions. They are already starting the damage control process with such claims that he had an allergic reaction to some medications.

Do you think he’ll get off again? Or do think some judge will find some way to throw the book at him and when they can?

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