Charlie Sheen Screws Up Again, Rep Says: "Charlie Had an Adverse Allergic Reaction"

charlie sheen drunk naked hospital rep allergic
Charlie Sheen naked and drunk: an allergic reaction?

Charlie Sheen has screwed up again, but his rep quickly got down to business with some spin control saying he was having an allergic reaction. And that’s why Charlie Sheen was hospitalized after being found naked and drunk, after having trashed his hotel room.

Sheen’s publicist released this statement: “What we are able to determine is that Charlie had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication and was taken to the hospital, where (he) is expected to be released tomorrow.”

Charlie Sheen was reportedly found in a drunken state at 2 a.m. when security was called. Rumors are buzzing about what exactly went down some sources say there was a paid escort in his room, others say he was held at the hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Charlie Sheen was in New York with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their two daughters; they were staying at the same hotel but in different rooms.

TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen is flying back to L.A. today. Will another trip to rehab be in his near future?

So… remind me again why super screw-up Sheen is TV’s highest paid actor?