Charlie Sheen Snowboarding Accident: The Actor Is Alive and Spending Time with Family

charlie sheen
Charlie Sheen Snowboarding Accident?

Charlie Sheen must absolutely dread the holiday season!  The actor was arrested on Christmas day last year and this year Sheen fell victim to the latest twitter hoax declaring the death of the A-Lister.  Alas Charlie Sheen has not died and is in fact alive and well.

While most of the Twitter death hoaxes attribute the cause of passing to something fairly benign like a heart attack or stroke, this time the Internet was ready to send Charlie Sheen off in a blaze of glory courtesy of a freak snowboarding accident.

Charlie Sheen became the latest victim of the Twitter hoax when he was declared dead by some unknown user earlier today.  The rumor quickly took off and fans of the actor were soon looking for confirmation that the father-of-five had in fact passed away while snowboarding. 

It was his ex-wife Denise Richards who ultimately put an end to the rumor by Tweeting, “”The rumor about Charlie Sheen is not true.  He is alive and on his way over to see his daughters. Thank u all for your concern.”

Hopefully the holidays will take a positive spin for Charlie Sheen and his family after this Twitter death hoax is put to rest!

Photo: PR Photos