Charlie Sheen Still a Free Man, At Least Until July 12


It was expected that Charlie Sheen was going to cop a plea to a Christmas morning assault on his wife in Colorado today, but negotiations apparently hit a snag that leave Sheen a free man until the case will be revisited again on July 12.

“They need time to re-work the final points of the plea deal,” District Attorney Arnold Mordkin said in court.  Couldn’t they have at least booked him on a misdemeanor for the hat?

Sheen had been charged with felony menacing and two misdemeanors: 3rd degree assault and criminal mischief. The felony menacing charge carries a sentence of one to three years in prison. But the deal would have Sheen pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and serving 30 days in jail, less for good behavior.

I’m hoping between now and then the DA changes his mind and lets a jury of Charlie Sheen’s peers decide his fate. My guess is their verdict would be harsher than 30 measly days.  I’m ready to give him two months for the head gear alone.

More important, what message does a watered down charge send to Charlie’s twin sons, who some day will understand what happened and their father’s repeated abusive behavior toward women, including their mother?



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