Charlie Sheen Teeth: Charlie Sheen Has No Teeth!

charlie sheen teeth
What Happened To Charlie Sheen's Teeth?

Charlie Sheen may appear to have a perfect smile, but the reality is that the actor has no teeth! Well, no teeth that are actually real, that is. You can view photos of Charlie Sheen’s gold false teeth in these photos on TMZ. What in the heck happened to Charlie Sheen’s teeth?

Most likely, Charlie Sheen’s teeth rotted away because of his less than desirable lifestyle. Charlie Sheen is a hard core party animal who has had more foreign substances in his system than most people on this planet, leading his teeth to fall out.

Charlie Sheen now appears to have a medley of gold teeth, and porcelain veneers filling out his smile. Not exactly dashing, if you ask me!

Photo: PRPhotos

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