Charlie Sheen Today Interview Video: Charlie Sheen Thinks He Will Be Just Fine


charlie sheen today showCharlie Sheen appeared on the Today Show this morning and he was very confident that he will be just fine without Chuck Lorre and Two and a Half Men. In case you missed the Charlie Sheen rant last week, make sure you check it out.

You might even say over-confident and arrogant, but maybe that was just the way I was reading him.

Charlie Sheen threw out a lot of questions that he wants Chuck Lorre to answer.

Charlie Sheen says that Chuck Lorre told him there weren’t any more scripts to shoot and Charlie wants to know what they would have shot if Chuck Lorre hadn’t shut down the show. 

Charlie Sheen claims that Chuck Lorre was told that the cast and crew would suffer greatly by Two and a Half Men being canceled and yet Chuck Lorre said that it’s not his problem.

Charlie Sheen said he would be just fine. That plenty of people want to work with him and he’ll do television and movies. Anyone who slips back into their addiction are fools or weak or defeated, and Charlie Sheen doesn’t think he’s any of those things.

He wants $3 million and episode to go back to Two and a Half Men and thinks CBS should apologize to him and lick his feet!

Watch for yourself:

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