Charlie Sheen Tries to Make Nice with Denise Richards

charlie sheen kids
Charlie Sheen trying to be nice?

For a while there, almost everything that came out of Charlie Sheen’s mouth had me shaking my head in disbelief. Was he for real?

But, it’s been a few months since were hearing “winning!” all the time.

And now Charlie Sheen is ready to make nice with Denise Richards, perhaps for the sake of their children.

Charlie Sheen tweeted, “#HotMomma #KeepItInTheFamily @DENISE_RICHARDS Your book rocks!! Never thought I’d say it… but loved it D..! xo c″

That link goes to Denise Richards’ newly released book The Real Girl Next Door.   Charlie’s comment about her book is nicer than I would have expected. Though it is a bit of a backhanded compliment, since he said that he never thought he would say that.  Still probably better than the types of things Charlie Sheen became infamous for ranting this past winter.

Photo: PCN