Charlie Sheen Twitter: Another Way for Charlie Sheen to Rant?

Charlie Sheen
Can't get enough of Charlie Sheen? Find him on twitter!

Because we must not be hearing quite enough from Charlie Sheen lately, he now has a twitter account!

You can find him on twitter @CharlieSheen.  The twitter account is new today and is a verified account, so it really is Charlie Sheen! Are people following him?

Charlie Sheen twitter has yet to tweet out any updates, but he already has over 100,000 followers just from today; he’s gotten about 10,000 new followers in the short time it’s taken me to type this!

With all he has been talking lately, is twitter really a good place for Charlie Sheen to be?  Or maybe it’s for the best since he’ll have to keep himself limited to 140 characters at a time!

Will you follow Charlie Sheen twitter?