Charlie Sheen Writing a Book? He Has the Best Title EVER!


Charlie Sheen should strike while the iron is hot. But he knows that, he’s working all the angles right now from wanting to make money from Twitter to suing CBS for everything they got. Another lucrative way to make some moolah? By doing what many celebrities have done before him…writing a tell all. And wordsmith Charlie Sheen came up with the BEST title ever…He tweeted in the middle of the night on Thursday, “the title of my book has finally been delivered thru vast and extensive Lunar channels. “Apocalypse Me” Warlock Latin for WINNING.”

Apocalypse Me! Love it!

It’s been reported that he is shopping his tell-all for $10 million dollars. That, my friends, is winning.  And is he’s feeling lazy he could just do a book of his quotes and make major bank.

Photo: PR Photos

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