Charlie Sheen's Girlfriends: How Does Brooke Mueller Feel?

charlie sheen goddesses girlfriends natalie kenley rachel oberlin
Charlie Sheen with girlfriend "goddesses"

The latest Charlie Sheen news just gets more bizarre with each passing day.

Meet Charlie Sheen’s girlfriends, who he calls “goddesses” Natalie Kenley and Rachel Oberlin.

The happy unconventional “family” appeared all together on Good Morning America.

Who are these women?  Kenley is a model and Oberlin is a porn star who goes by the name Bree Olsen.  They are both 24.

“These are my girlfriends, the women that I love that have completed the three parts of my heart,” Sheen said.

How does Brooke Mueller, the mother of his twins, feel about all of this?

The latest news was that Mueller, and their twin boys, Max and Bob, are moving back in with him until Brooke and the kids can move into the new house that Charlie bought her down the street from him.

What do you think of all the Charlie Sheen insanity?