Charlie Sheen's Latest: How Will it Affect His Girls Sam and Lola?


sheenTheir day in a court of law has been postponed, but Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller will continue to be tried in the court of public opinion.  According to reports, the LA Department of Children and Family Services will be investigating the case (the buck was passed across state lines from the DCFS in Colorado) and determining the fate of little Max and Bob Sheen.  Opinions run the gamut, with some headlines screaming that Sheen has “lost his kids,”  while other reports claim the boys are just staying with mama Brooke in Aspen for the month and there’s a good chance the case could quickly be dropped.  As this story plays out and each parent’s skeleton’s are dragged from the closet, hopefully, the young boys will end up with little scarring from the incident.

Our question, however,  is this: How will all this attention on the parental fitness of Daddy Charlie impact his other children, daughters Sam (5) and Lola (4). Would a change in the custody arrangement with his boys trigger a change in the visitation rights and relationship he has with his girls?  Wouldn’t it make sense that if considered unfit in any way, this would limit his access to all of his kids?

We checked in with divorce expert Jill Brooke who informed us that sadly, this was not how things played out in family court.  “Legally, even if he were to lose custody of his boys,  this wouldn’t change anything he has with his daughters unless the visitation rights were challenged in a separate case.” But regardless of what a judge might rule (or if ex-wife Denise follows through on her twitter threat to “Tell Everything!”) Jill feels that there are clearly signs that Sheen’s daughters, like many kids from first marriages, are already being treated like “second class citizens” and have been affected by their father’s behavior.  “Look at the Christmas card Charlie sent this year – his girls are clearly absent.  It’s as if they’ve been photo-shopped out of his life.”

With a new court date sent for January 11, we’ll be standing by to see how the Sheen family drama unfolds and affects all four of Charlie’s kids!

Photo credit: The Envelope