Charlie Sheen's Uncle Looking To Steal 'Two And A Half Men' Gig

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Joe Estevez Is Looking To Replace Charlie Sheen On Two And A Half Men.

While Charlie Sheen is held up in a rehab facility working on his many addictions, his uncle, Joe Estevez, is looking to cash in while his nephew is away.

Estevez, who is considered to be the funniest of the Sheen & Estevez clan, sent a letter to the creator and EP of Two And A Half Men, Chuck Lorre, in hopes of obtaining a special guest star position while Sheen works out his problems.

A letter obtained by TMZ consists of Joe’s rep saying, “Chuck, just a wild thought … How about a test episode of ‘Two and a Half Men’ where Joe comes to house sit while Charlie is on ‘vacation?'” Good to know Charlie’s family has his best interest at heart.

Joe tried this same situation back in April of 2010 when Sheen was rumored to be leaving the series. How respectful.