Charlie Sheen's Wife Brooke Mueller To Do Reality Show With...Paris Hilton!

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Brooke Mueller (Above) To Do Reality Show With Paris Hilton

As if things could not get stranger in the world of Charlie Sheen. Reports are now coming out that his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, has a reality show in the works with none other than Paris Hilton!

Yes, the queen of reality must have taken a liking to the former Mrs. Sheen as Brooke is already spilling to the paparazzi about the pending project. Maybe she wants to set the record straight for the media constantly twisting her words and judging her decisions?

Mueller recently came under attack for still allowing Charlie to spend time with their children. A close pal of Brooke’s says, “The reason why Brooke is okay with letting Charlie still spend time with their twins is that his visits are not unsupervised.”

Sources say that not one but two of Mueller’s nannies are with the kids at all times when they spend time with Sheen.

“Brooke is completely sober and focused on that, her children and her new reality TV show with Paris Hilton,” says a friend of Mueller’s.

Take that for what it is. When I heard, I had to take a double take. Is this not the weirdest pairing you’ve ever heard of? Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller? What do they even have in common?