Charlize Theron Goes Behind the Cameras! (Photos)


She’s proven herself gifted in front of the camera – now Charlize Theron is getting a taste of life on the production end of the movie and TV business.

She was spotted today on the set of Hatfields & McCoys, the NBC drama series she’s executive producing. Unconcerned by the cold Boston weather, she wore a thick coat and boots as she oversaw the action on the set.

Charlize carried on a cell phone discussion, then appeared to give directions to the crew before gathering her things and heading out.

Bet her son will be impressed one day to learn that his mom is so multitalented!

See the pics here.

  • All business 1 of 6

    Charlize looks serious as she talks on the phone.

  • Shaded 2 of 6

    Charlize pops on a pair of sunglasses.

  • Family feud 3 of 6

    The Hatfields & McCoys series follows the descendants of the famous families who renew their bitter feud after a tragedy.

  • The bare necessities 4 of 6

    A phone, a tote and a bottle of water - what mom can leave home without them?

  • Beantown becomes Steeltown? 5 of 6

    The show is reportedly set in Pittsburgh, but filming is taking place in Boston.

  • Let’s put it over there 6 of 6

    Charlize gives directions to the crew.

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