Charlize Theron Is Still Sporting Her Buzz Cut (Photos)


Some women are simply gorgeous no matter what they wear or what their hair looks like.

Charlize Theron is a case in point. She’s been wearing her hair in a short-short (and gray!) buzz cut since summer as she works on her new film, Mad Max: Blind Fury. And yet she pulls it off nicely, thanks to her spectacular facial structure and stunning eyes.

She sometimes hides her ‘do under hats, but she let it show yesterday while out seeing a movie with mom Gerda. The two linked arms and giggled like BFFs as they walked out of the theater.

It’s easy to see where Charlize gets her looks from!

See their pics here.

  • Good taste runs in the family 1 of 5
    Good taste runs in the family
    Both mother and daughter share a preference for large handbags, jeans and comfortable outerwear.
  • Close as can be 2 of 5
    Close as can be
    Mom and daughter link arms as they walk out of the movie theater.
  • Ha! 3 of 5
    Charlize and Gerda share a hearty laugh.
  • A tale of two moms 4 of 5
    A tale of two moms
    Charlize became a mother this year with the adoption of baby son Jackson.
  • “Mad” woman 5 of 5
    "Mad" woman
    Charlize's new 'do is strictly business - it's for her character in the new "Mad Max" film.

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