Charo: Harsh Criticism of Lady Gaga


You know Charo, right? With her thick, thick Spanish accent.  Charo used to be on The Love Boat years ago.  She has a larger than life personality.

But, yesterday, Charo was on the Sirirus XM OutQ radio show.  And she decided to take issue with Lady Gaga and say that her whole act is just a rip-off of Madonna. Though, she didn’t even put it that nicely!

“What I don’t like is when somebody copies somebody and just adopt it. Like, their own idea. You want me, I go a little further I can tell you, to me, Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea.”

Don’t hold back, Charo! Tell us how you really feel.

What do you think about Charo’s comparison of Lady Gaga and Madonna?

Photo: PRPhotos