Check Out These Videos Of Our Favorite Celeb Parents Speaking French, German, Spanish And More!

Yep, Ben Affleck speaks Espanol

Remember that video of Bradley Cooper speaking French during an interview that went viral on YouTube? Well, we can’t add that to our gallery here, but we can show you celebrity parents who are equally hot and smart in the foreign language department that can rock a few good lines in not only French, but in Spanish, German, and Hebrew too!

Many celebrity parents such as Sandra Bullock, Orlando Bloom, and Gwyneth Paltrow have no problems speaking in foreign tongues and even conduct interviews or accept rewards in them! Talk about impressive.

Check out our gallery of videos of some of our favorites that also include Johnny Depp speaking in French and Ben Affleck doing an interview in Spanish (it’s pretty funny). We have no doubt in our mind that these foreign language speaking celebs will be passing down their skills to their kids.

Side Note: I’ll have to say though that I’m pretty disappointed to not finding videos of either Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt speaking any foreign languages, especially with all the traveling they do with their kids. You’d think they’d be fluent in French, Hungarian and Cantonese by now!

  • Johnny Depp 1 of 10
    Johnny Depp
    Although not married, he's been in a relationship with partner Vanessa Paradis for years and spends more time at his homes in France than he does in Hollywood and for that reason I always wondered - how is Johnny's French. And I must say, it doesn't sound that bad (or at least to my American ears). We just don't get why he felt the need to pre-record his speech!

  • Sandra Bullock 2 of 10
    Sandra Bullock
    She might have been born in Virgina, but Sandra Bullock did spend a portion of her childhood living in Germany. I mean, how cool is this video of Sandy speaking almost perfect German at the 2010 Bambi Awards (and how weird is it that she was once married to a guy like Jesse James?).

  • Ben Affleck 3 of 10
    Ben Affleck
    Gotta love Ben. Here's Jennifer Garner's other half doing a full interview in Spanish for his last film, The Town. He even adds a touch of his own humor in it!
  • Kobe Bryant 4 of 10
    Kobe Bryant
    See, not all NBA players marry Kardashians (you know who I'm talking about) - some are actually very smart! While Kobe Bryant might not have the best track record, he does speak pretty fluent Italian and Spanish. Talk about brains and athletics!

  • Gwyneth Paltrow 5 of 10
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Gwyneth (who strangely never picked up a Madonna-like British accent after marrying Chris Martin) spent a few of her summers as an exchange student in Spain and from what we hear, speaks excellent Spanish.

  • Orlando Bloom 6 of 10
    Orlando Bloom
    Oh, this just makes him so much cuter. While his French might not be at a Bradley Cooper level, he's still fluent and he's still very handsome while speaking it. I wonder if he talks to Miranda in French too?

  • Natalie Portman 7 of 10
    Natalie Portman
    Natalie was born in Israel, so it should come as no surprise that she speaks Hebrew.

  • Liv Tyler 8 of 10
    Liv Tyler
    Ok, this doesn't count, but it's pretty cute! Here's Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler speaking in Elvish.

  • Milla Jovovich 9 of 10
    Milla Jovovich
    Milla was born in Ukraine, but also speaks Serbian and Russian. Check out this video of Milla flexing her Russian skills. Didn't I tell you this woman kicks tush?

  • Colin Firth 10 of 10
    Colin Firth
    Mr. Darcy. Speaking Italian. Bridget Jones would have died hearing this. I simply melt.


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