Checklist! Superbowl Kickoff Time 2011: Are You Ready for Some Football?!?


Superbowl 2011 kickoff time is fast approaching.  It’s a day when America pretty much shuts down so everyone can watch a bit of the pig skin, hang out with friends and family, and of course have a good old time!

So how much time do you have to get ready? The Super Bowl begins at 6:00 (Eastern Standard Time) with kickoff  happening at about 6:25 (EST).  Also you can watch the pre-game coverage on Fox starting at around 2pm.

But the big question is? Are you ready for some football?!? Here is a checklist to make sure your set for the big game:

1) Pick your team. If you aren’t an avid fan of either of the teams, now’s the time to pick who you’ll be rooting for. Not having a team to cheer for really makes for a dull viewing experience.

2) Have your food ready. You don’t want to have to run back and forth to the kitchen cooking while the game is going on. Make sure all your food is prepared at least a half hour before the Super Bowl kickoff time.

3) Test your TV. I know it’s rare, but make sure your TV is working. Paranoid, maybe, but i once was at a Superbowl party where the person’s cable was out and we couldn’t watch the game. Turned out they forgot to pay the bill and just hadn’t noticed before the big game that their cable wasn’t working.

4) Beverages: Be it beer, wine or maybe soda, make sure you have enough in stock. Rushing out to the store during half time may be a Sunday tradition but it’s one you’ll want to avoid.

5) Prepare to have a good old time! Millions will.

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