Chelsea Clinton Seeking Counseling Over Wedding Jitters?


Chelsea Clinton is famously private and has kept her nose clean and out of the gossip columns. With her wedding just days away, her name has been plastered everywhere as Americans salivate over all the details.

Add that to normal pre-wedding jitters and anxiety, top it with overwhelming details like security and a guest list full of high-profile people that must be impressed and taken care of,  and you’ve got a recipe for some mental anguish. It’s really no surprise Chelsea is having a hard time.

Chelsea is reportedly getting counseling at the suggestion of her mother Hillary.  “Chelsea’s a nervous wreck as her wedding approaches,” a source said. “She’s terrified that she’ll disgrace herself and her family by turning into a ‘runaway bride’ at the last minute. Chelsea never wanted a royal-style wedding with hundreds of guests, but her parents insisted, and she gave in. Now she’s scared to death she’s going to freak out.”

The source was speaking to The National Enquirer, a publication that while sometimes full of blatant lies, has been very on the mark when it comes to reporting political gossip stories.

“Chelsea has told her mom that she feels she’s worked through the worst of her pre-wedding panic, but she still jokes that her father may have to carry her down the aisle.”