Chelsea Handler Posts Pic Of Her "Breastfeeding" A Baby On Twitter (PHOTO)

Feeling motherly? Chelsea Handler

Oh, that Chelsea.

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think she was drinking her beloved drink of choice.

Late night talk-show host, comedienne, and part-time Jennifer Aniston-BFF, Chelsea Handler posted a pic of herself breastfeeding a baby on her Twitter account.

But before you pick up that phone and call the editors to Life & Style Weekly, hold on just one sec, because that’s not exactly her baby pictured in the photo.  And if you look closely, there wasn’t any real breastfeeding involved.

Instead, the funny woman posted the picture with the caption, “Me breastfeeding @bradwollack’s new offspring.  I am wiped.”

Jokes aside, we can’t help but say that Chelsea is looking pretty motherly in the pic.

Considering she is 46 36-years-old, could she be thinking about offspring of her own in the near future?

Check out our pic.