Chelsea Clinton Wedding Rumors Debunked: Cost Less Than $1 Million


Well, the guessing game was fun — and not to toot my own horn — but I called out the “expert” who put the estimate of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to Marc Mezvinsky at $2 million as “off her rocker.” As so she was. A source close to the Clintons says the wedding is no more than six figures, which means less than $1 million. Other rumors that are unsubstantiated?

1) Oprah Winfrey will not be attending — she wasn’t even invited. And as we already know, ditto on President Obama who was originally reported to be on the guest list.

2) Some people were sure that the Clintons would get “freebies” given celebrities often get services in return for the publicity garnered for the companies. Let’s not forget, Hillary Clinton is SECRETARY OF STATE, there are rules against such things. And so, no freebies in exchange for publicity.

3) As for speculation that the Rhinebeck, N.Y., location was a decoy to throw off the media and the real wedding was elsewhere: Jim Langan, editor of the Hudson Valley News says: “If it is, it’s worthy of the Manhattan Project and an appearance by Oliver Stone, and it would be the most expensive head fake in history.”