Chelsy Davy: Prince Harry's Kate Middleton?

chelsy davy
Chelsy Davy the next Kate Middleton?

Could Chelsy Davy be Prince Harry’s Kate Middleton? Will we have two princesses in the palace in the next year or so? Reports are coming out that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are back together, and that it’s for good this time.

Supposedly Chelsy Davy joined Prince Harry in London last weekend and enjoyed a night out with him at a private club. Did all the buzz surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement make Prince Harry and Chelsy think twice about letting each other go?

There is also a rumor going around that Prince Harry has invited Chelsy Davy to be his date at the Royal Wedding of his brother and Kate Middleton in April. Is there a chance that there could be another royal engagement before the wedding even happens?

Photo: Pacific Coast News