Cheryl Hines Says Daughter is Not Well-Behaved

Cheryl Hines

Cheryl Hines has a little troublemaker on her hands!

“She’s not well-behaved at all,” Hines said of her daughter, Catherine Rose Young, who is 7-years-old.  “She’s wild.”

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star explains a typical scenario to People magazine:  “She took a bath the other night, and when I went in there, the bathtub was covered with my makeup.”

Like many kids, Catherine Rose denied the mess was her fault.

“I said, ‘It’s only you and me here, and it wasn’t me.’ And she said, ‘I don’t know how that happened.'”

Sounds about right.

“The problem is I tell Catherine how cute she is every day and how much I love her,” Hines, 46, says of her only child with ex-husband Paul Young.

“So when she misbehaves, she says something that she knows will make me laugh. Then it softens me up a bit, and I think, ‘Who cares if there’s makeup in the bathtub?'”

What does Hines really worry about?

“My main concern is that she’s true to herself and isn’t influenced by other kids,” Hines told People magazine.

“I want her to make decisions that are right for her. I feel like right now the kids are getting cliquey. I don’t love that. I’m trying to pin it down to avoid it being an issue later.”

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