Child Services Is Keeping An Eye On Charlie Sheen


USA/Will Charlie Sheen’s crazed shenanigans in Colorado haunt him when he gets home to LA? According to TMZ, the Pitkin County Department of Social Services is “aware” of Sheen’s domestic violence arrest, and won’t hesitate to contact Charlie at home in California if they feel a follow-up is needed.

According to TMZ, Pitkin Social Services refused to elaborate on what exactly they would do with the information, but a rep claims that “When there is a domestic dispute and children are present in the home, we are always notified… “If the family is vacationing in Pitkin County, and we feel that a thorough follow up is needed, we will contact the department where the family resides.”

That’s certainly bad news for Charlie (like he needs any more of that) — especially if/when Brooke Mueller files for divorce and custody of the couples 9-month-old twin sons… and as we reported earlier, Brooke met with a divorce attorney two weeks ago, so the custody battle is a near certainty at this point.

With Charlie’s latest run-in with the law fresh on everyone’s mind, Charlie would likely be a non-factor during the custody negotiations.