Child Services Trying To Find Parents Of Boy Drinking Beer At Ballgame


Have you seen the video yet of the child taking part in America’s favorite past time by enjoying a swig of old fashioned domestic beer at a Phillies game? I’ve placed it below for those who haven’t born witness to the baby boozer.  He’s sadly the newest YouTube sensation and luckily, with the outrage the video is causing, fame-seeking parents won’t be mimicking this tape. This is no Baby Gaga.

The video was caught by TV cameras and now Child Protective Services is seeking to launch a probe into who the child’s parents are, asking them to come forward or for those who may know them to offer up information. “If we knew the child’s name then this is something we would definitely investigate although we would have to obtain more information before proceeding,” a spokesman for Child Protective Services in Philadelphia told

A City Council spokesman has also weighed in, stating: “It is against the law and a question of parental responsibility.”

I believe it’s better safe than sorry and I do feel that this needs to be looked into in case this is a larger problem than a swig of beer.  There are plenty of horrible parents out there. But…(Steady yourself for what is sure to be the unpopular opinion) I do feel some sympathy for the parents if it was an honest “We just weren’t watching” type of mistake.

 The parents in the video are clearly not watching their son, but this doesn’t seem like a case of neglect. They just seem like they are into the baseball game, a game that they wouldn’t have bothered bringing him to if they were completely negligent. The child isn’t stumbling and is able to hold the bottle so he’s clearly not hammered. There is also one shot of him taking two swigs and you have to figure if the camera man saw this continue multiple times, he would have continued to film. It’s not like mom and dad bought themselves a beer and were like, “Here Jr, have one too.”

My point and the source of my empathy assuming they are generally good parents is: You can’t stare at your kid 24-7 in case something happens. You can’t watch your child all the time and sometimes they do things they shouldn’t when your not looking whether it be eating something off the ground, playing with something dirty, writing on the walls, whatever. It’s always an unfortunate accident and it doesn’t mean you’re a horrible parent, you’re normal.

But like I said before, it should be looked into because some parents are just bad parents, whether they’re watching their kids or not.


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