Childhood Cartoons for Celeb Dads' Facebook Pics

Johnny Depp Cartoon Facebook Profile Pic
What childhood cartoon best represents Johnny Depp?

Since the trend is to change your facebook pic to that of a favorite childhood cartoon, let’s make some suggestions to a few celeb dads as to which cartoon from the 80 s or cartoon from the 90 s best fits them.

Childhood cartoon facebook pics for celeb moms have already been suggested, so let’s give the dads a turn, too:

*Adam Sandler: Bobby’s World. A little offbeat and definitely funny.

*Matthew McConaughey: Care Bears. Because he’s just so dang cuddly. Or maybe I’m just projecting some sort of wish here….

*Conan O’Brien: Doug. They’re both a little on the nerdy side. Sorry, Conan fans. But, I mean in a truly lovable way. Plus, both are witty.

*Will Ferrell: Hey Arnold. Again, another off-beat celeb dad matched with an offbeat cartoon. Plus, I always think of both as being a little loud. In a good way, of course.

*Johnny Depp: Rugrats. Scamps, those little cartoon characters. And Jack Sparrow could definitely be called a scamp.

Any other suggestions for childhood cartoon facebook pics for celeb dads?

Photo: PRPhotos