Childish? Joy Behar Calls Sharron Angle The B Word, Sharron Sends Flowers


Joy Behar is a woman who does not mince her words. When she has an opinion, she will state it, or as in the recent case of Bill O’Reilly, walk off set.

On yesterday’s episode of “The View,” Joy took Sharron Angle to task, calling her campaign ad racist. But that wasn’t all. Joy also called Shraron the B word and said she is “going to hell.”

To add fire to Joy’s flame, her outburst actually helped Sharon who received $150,000 in donations from her supporters after the outburst. To thank Joy, Sharon sent her flowers as a thank you. Is this little game way too childish for grown women, especially grown women who are suppose to be esteemed public figures, to play?

Watch Joy’s angry reaction below: